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Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology C0., Ltd.

Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eltete Group, which is headquartered in Finland. The headquarters, named as Eltete TPM Ltd. (is engaged in Transport Packaging Materials), is located in Finland. With 36 years' experience, our company has established production plants in 14 countries with sales networks reaching more than 60 countries. Since 1974, we have been active in carton board converting business and providing wood-free and environmentally-friendly transport packaging materials and solutions. Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. started to produce paper packaging materials 10 years ago. All of our products have the features of wood-free, environmentally-friendly and packing-easy and are widely used by industrial companies, chemical companies, distributors, trading companies, paper packaging companies, wood companies, food packing companies, logistics companies, etc. We can offer you a packaging solution that completely conforms to today's standards, and our products include carton board pallets and paper board packaging products like edge boards, slip sheets, air bags, paper pallets, boxes and other wood-free paper packaging products. Especially, our edge boards, slip sheets and air bags sell very well in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, America and other countries and regions all over the world.


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The company's own plant covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters, with a registered capital of 3.8 million US dollars, and currently has 250 employees. The company is located in Fengxian District with beautiful environment, close to Hangzhou Bay, exit of Fengye Expressway Daye Highway of A4, and the transportation is very convenient. The company has branches in Qingdao and Zhongshan, and offices in Wuxi, Ningbo and Tianjin. Its marketing network covers all parts of the country. In June 2001, our company has officially become a member unit of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association. The company trademark (Finland Orte) and the green recycling logo are well-known trademarks in the corner guard industry.

Shanghai Eltete Packaging Technology CO., Ltd. has fully imported, advanced production equipment and a series of supporting equipment. Including: eleven paper corner board production lines, one honeycomb production line, one inflatable bag production line, two sliding pallet production lines, and so on. The annual production capacity is 20,000 tons and the annual output value exceeds RMB 100 million. Our company's main products corner guard board, monthly production capacity can reach 6 million meters. At present, it mainly produces and supplies paper packaging products such as corner protectors, slide plates, inflatable bags, paper trays, Gute boxes, and TPS frames. In 2008, our company developed a new small-aperture honeycomb material, which is mainly used to produce paper tray Panel, etc.

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