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Zhang Moumou

Hello, what is D-BOARD?


D-BOARD is a new generation of environmentally friendly, multifunctional, high-quality paper materials. It has many characteristics such as light weight, easy operation, direct printing on the surface, and recycling. Mainly used for indoor display exhibitions, decoration, theme activities and other multi-functional customizable requirements. In recent years, the market's requirements for low-carbon environmental protection have increased day by day. D-BOARD has developed a number of new composite materials in accordance with market changes to further replace traditional environmentally friendly materials such as foam, KT board, and Chevron board. At the same time, the "paper-for-wood" action we promoted has been widely praised in the market. D-BOARD products have been recognized by the market for their lightweight paper and certain weight resistance, which is one of the best choices for customers to replace wood.